Henriques e Henriques, S.A. defines the following principles on which its activity is based:

1. Commitment to meet the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, Clients, Employees, Suppliers and Entities related to Henriques & Henriques, S.A;

2. Commitment to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, Environment and Safety and performance of the Quality, Environment and Safety at Work through Process Monitoring and Measurement, seeking to systematically prevent and reduce the environmental impacts and eliminate hazards and reduce risks to Health and Safety at Work, privileging the adoption of the best available techniques and applying Prevention and Protection measures;

3. Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements or best practices to which the company has subscribed;

4. Commitment to comply with the objectives defined for Quality, Environment and Safety involving the whole organisation;

5. Commitment to environmental protection and pollution prevention that may be related to the activity of Henriques & Henriques, S.A.;

6. Influencing product and service providers to adopt safe behaviour and environmentally responsible practices;

7. Ensure the safety of workers and stakeholders who may be affected by our activities;

8. Raise awareness among all employees, reinforcing environmental and safety awareness and skills, both individually and collectively;

9. Provide healthy and safe working conditions for the prevention of workrelated injuries and illnesses;

10. Promoting consultation and participation of workers.

About Us

The company Henriques & Henriques, S.A. exists since 1980, belongs to Henriques Group SGPS, specializing in the manufacture and sales of metal tanks, intended for the storage of liquid fuels, LPG and compressed air, as well as hydropneumatic tanks and water treatment filters.


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