Filters to Water and Gas Treatment

The Filter Tanks® are designed and developed for application in several business sectors, particularly in Water Treatment Plants (WTP), Municipal Pools, Industry, Agriculture, etc. These equipment perform filtering and treatment of drinking water, process water, waste water, irrigation, etc.

The Filter Tanks® are built in carbon steel, with/without inner surface treatment. As an option it may also be made of hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel. The fact of being made of steel allows it to be extremely robust and low sensitive to pressure variations. They can be simple, only with connections for coupling the filtering elements or with perforated plate to fit the respective nozzles.

The type of filter means to be applied can be: sand, silica, activated charcoal, among others, depending on the filtering type to be performed.

About Us

The company Henriques & Henriques, S.A. exists since 1980, belongs to Henriques Group SGPS, specializing in the manufacture and sales of metal tanks, intended for the storage of liquid fuels, LPG and compressed air, as well as hydropneumatic tanks and water treatment filters.


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