Surge Vessels with Bladder

The AirWater Tanks® applies in potable water networks, brute, waste or irrigation. The use of AirWater Tanks® allows essentially the preservation and service life extension of pipelines, since it protects the pipes of the positive/negative pressure variations caused by starts and stops of the pumps or by the valves opening/closing, while still allowing to maintain the fluid pressure in a given system, protecting the water circuit of the effects of the "water hammer".

The AirWater Tanks® are built in carbon steel with inner surface treatment or in stainless steel option. The fact of being made of steel allows it to be extremely robust and low sensitive to pressure variations. For detailed information please consult the product technical sheet (pdf).

The bladder to be applied can be in polyurethane or butyl. Bladders to apply in drinking water have ACS Certification (Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire) or WRAS.

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