Underground Double Skin Steel/Fiber Tank

The double skin steel-fiber underground tanks are manufactured based on the standards EN12285-1 (interior body) and UNE 62350-4 (exterior body).
Interior body - Body and funds are executed on S235JR carbon steel plate or equivalent quality.
Exterior body - Body and funds in reinforced fiberglass polyester.

Welds shall be performed on submerged arc welding (SAW) machine, where the practice is possible. In places of difficult accessibility, the welds are performed with semi-automatic (MIG/MAG).

Regarding interior finishing, the surfaces and welds will be in its natural state, cleaned and properly dried. Outside surfaces are coated with reinforced fiberglass polyester hood.

Control/Testing Conditions
Welds test exams;
Hydraulic test (interior body);
Pneumatic test (double skin chamber);
Vacuum test (double skin chamber);
Dimensional control.

Additional Options
Other manhole diameters;
Covers with special connections;
Additional man entries;
Interior painting.

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